Book THE VOID, 2020
Wolfgang H Scholz: Photography, Film, Performance and Installation

Catalogue COCOONS, 2009

Works 2005-2009

Catalogue PAINTING, 2010

Book LOBO, 2005
Painting, Objects, Drawings

THE VOID - Wolfgang H Scholz:
Photography, Film, Performance and Installation

A monograph/art book of the German artist Wolfgang H Scholz showing his most important works since the 80's in contemporary art. In relation to his present work with the philosophical theme THE VOID. It includes a text by Irving Domínguez and a conversation with Prof. Dr. Boris Groys of New York University, one of the most important scholars of the arts and humanities of the twentieth century.

This book appears motivated and published on the occasion of the exhibitions by the MACO - Museum of Contemporary Art Oaxaca (2019), Mexico, the Museum Ex Teresa Arte Actual (2019), the gallery Casa Galván (2020) and en colaboration with the presentations of the performance THE VOID at the Butoh Festival Kyoto, Japan and at the Theatre CC Los Talleres, Mexico City in 2019.

Turner Libros (Mexico/Spain),, ACC Art Books,, published May 2020

ISBN: 978-84-17866-07-5

24 x 30 cm
English, Spanish, German
244 pages, 273 photographs

In addition: The limited edition of 30 is numbered and hand signed by Wolfgang H Scholz. It comes in a handmade, printed linen box with a photograph. The image have never been editioned before.