Projects of Photography

STATE 1988 Project

The shooting for the feature film "Verlorene Horizonte" (working title was "Zustand - STATE 1988") was concluded.
The postproduction starts now till may, 2014
Fiction film mixed with documentary material from 1988 and photography in combination with an exhibiton of photography and 4-channel video installation. A colaboration between Sic! Film GmbH Dresden, Doña Films Mexico and A Jour Film GmbH Berlin

3.5.2014, 10:00 - 16:00 hrs., Dresden, Germany
Invited at the Saxon Newspaper (SZ) Art Market

Exhibition, solo:
6.3. - 25.5.2014: Goethe Institut Mexiko, Mexico City
"Numeros" Photography and Video Installation

Vernissage: 6.3.2014, 19:00 hrs.

Exhibition, group: "A Arte Que Permanece" Painting
20.3. - 10.5.2014: Museu dos Correo, Brasilia, Brasil
21.5. - 13.7.2014: Museu dos Correo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil